We are seeking to develop Affiliations with reputable tax professionals and accounting firms. By forming affiliations, you offer your clients access to additional resources, expertise, and select services of one of the leading valuation and M&A advisory firms in the United States.

Maintain Existing Clients

Maintaining existing clients and bringing in new clients are both concerns for many accounting and tax advisory firms. Growing an accounting or tax practice by providing expanded services to existing or new clients is only good if your firm can provide quality service to the client.

Through the development of a strategic relationship (Affiliation) with Cambridge Partners & Associates, your firm improves its ability to provide valuation, appraisal, cost segregation and M&A advisory services to your clients.

Specifically, a Cambridge Partners & Associates Affiliation Member benefits from:

  1. Project Scoping — Ability to interact with Cambridge consultants in order to understand proposed methodology, approach, data needs, deliverables and fees. This will allow you to discuss with your client the potential engagement in advance of the introduction to Cambridge Partners as your Affiliate

  2. Services — Access to Cambridge services to deliver additional value to your clients

  3. Technical & Regulatory Updates — Ability to stay current with changing valuation requirements and best practices

  4. Revenue Enhancement — An Affiliation results in revenue sharing opportunities on an ongoing basis

  5. Practice Growth Insights — Ideas and information to help you grow your knowledge and value to your client

  6. Non-competitive relationship — By forming an Affiliation with Cambridge, you eliminate the risk of introducing your client to another accounting firm, mitigating potential client loss

  7. Enhanced Global Reach — Access services across the globe, including Asia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Central and South America, etc. to better serve clients with international assets and ownership interests

A Different Approach

The Cambridge Affiliation takes a different approach than any accounting alliance you may currently have. Accounting firm alliances work for CPA firms when their clients require international tax or specialized accounting services that can't be easily met by a regional firm or a smaller practice group.

The Cambridge Partners Affiliation focuses on providing complex valuation and related consulting services that cannot be met by the resources of a regional accounting firm, small tax practice or single CPA practitioner. Our services do not include tax advice, tax preparation or accounting, so there is generally no competitive overlap.

At one time or another, nearly all corporate clients have the need for valuation services, including for such reasons as: federal tax reporting, estate and gift tax planning, compliance with fair value accounting, stock option issuance, buy-sell negotiations, partnership disputes and real estate cost segregation studies. Business owners and corporate clients require these services and may otherwise turn to a competing accounting firm or tax advisor to obtain these often needed services. Therein lies the benefit of the Affiliation relationship: Maintain Client Relationship, Better Serve Client Needs, Generate Added Fee Income.

Membership in the Cambridge Partners affiliation provides you with a valuable competitive advantage: providing consulting resources to maintain ongoing relationships with your clients despite your limited staff resources.

An Affiliation may allow you to better serve and retain your clients as well as gain expertise and revenue growth. If you are interested in working with Cambridge Partners & Associates on an Affiliate arrangement, we request that you submit the requested information below and we will contact you to discuss how best to proceed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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